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Frequently asked questions

Can I keep my own glasses on if I want to put on AR glasses?

Yes, this is no problem.

You see the real world around you, like through normal glasses. You can also talk to the people around you and move around freely, like with normal glasses. On top of that, you will see an extra, virtual layer superimposed on the real world through the glasses.

No, there will be no interference.

The employee will provide you with glasses / tablet and will start the experience. Afterwards, the experience starts automatically.

No, you make a guided visit through the crypt like with a classic audio guide. A digital assistant shows you where to go. In various places you will stop and you will see an AR scene or masterpieces in display cases, supplemented with the necessary explanation via the audio from the glasses or tablet.

No, the visit consists of 2 parts. The first part in the crypt is with AR. This to be able to show things that one cannot see in real life. The second in the cathedral is a visit without digital means (admire the Ghent Altarpiece and all other art treasures).

The circuit will be shown through the glasses or on the tablet. In addition, you will also see a digital assistant that guides you.

We recommend from the age of 10. Alternatively, younger children can have the same experience with the AR tablet.

The visit consists of 2 parts: you start in the crypt where you take a walk with the AR glasses or tablet. Via AR scenes, supplemented with audio from the glasses / tablet, you will receive explanations in various chapels of the crypt about the Mystic Lamb and the cathedral. After this thorough preparation, you will go to the cathedral to admire the Mystic Lamb with your own eyes. Afterwards you can also visit the many other highlights inside the cathedral. 

The AR glasses and tablets are disinfected after each use.

Usually yes, but this depends on how busy it is. If no AR glasses are available, there are also tablets. If you absolutely want AR glasses in case they are all taken, then you have to wait a while.

Yes, through the glasses you can see everything in the real world including your fellow visitors. 

No, because they are volumetric you can only view them with the eyes.

The AR experience can optionally be experienced with a tablet or AR glasses. You can report this preference when starting the tour to the employee who will hand over the device to you. If the device of your preference is not available due to the crowds in the visitor center, the other type of device will always be in stock or you will have to wait a while.

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